Speaker Rider

Before speaking at any event, meetup, or a conference, I research to ensure that it aligns with my ethics of inclusion & diversity within the tech community.

I love public speaking & am honoured that you want me to be a part of your event. I want to use the platform I've been given to be as inclusive as possible, which is why the rider. This is a work in progress & I understand that smaller events will need assessment on a case-by-case basis. However this rider will apply to conferences organized at a larger & more commercial scale.

P.S. For a list of conferences I have spoken at before, please visit this dedicated GitHub repository.


  • Assuming that the travel is not within Maharashtra, India (where I live) & that the conference is NOT virtual, I would require my travel & accomodation expenses to be covered fully for the entire duration of the conference.
  • If the event requires me to travel internationally, I would need atleast 1 full day of extra lodging prior to the event. This is because I shall be flying in a day or two before it commences.
  • I also would require travel reimbursements to be accounted for as soon as is humanly possible. Wherever it is feasible, an option must be provided for bookings to be made on behalf of the speaker.

Tickets to the event

As a speaker at the event, I ask for a full ticket to the conference. I would love to interact with the attendees & speakers as also attend talks by other speakers.

Other logistics

Code of conduct

TL; DR You need to have a Code of Conduct linked on your Conference website. Please make it a tad bit more descriptive than "don't be a meanie".

No manels(only men on panels), please

  • This should be a no-brainer, but I shouldn't be the token female candidate at an event.

Recordings/Sharing content

  • I am absolutely okay with being recorded; however, I'd request you to let me know beforehand.
  • Please check the license section to understand how I license the content I've produced so far.

Parting thoughts

As with everything, I am constantly learning about myself & this rider will continue to evolve as that happens. I'm passionate about using the platform I've been given & would like for for everything in technology to be as diverse & inclusive as possible. Thank you for reading through & I hope all of this was as reasonable & unsurprising to you as it was for me. If there are any particular terms in the rider that you do not fully agree with or wish to discuss more about, please do feel free to reach out.