Hi, my name is Divya Mohan. I’m an open source engineer & advisor by trade with a passion for building accessible & inclusive communities through collaboration. Currently, I am a Senior Technical Evangelist at SUSE  focusing on developer relations and driving community initiatives for our cloud native projects. I'm also an advisor to Avesha Inc., where I focus on devising community building & development strategies for their open source project, Kubeslice.

Elsewhere in the open source ecosystem, I co-chair the documentation efforts and have, previously, served on several release cycles of the Kubernetes project.

With over a decade's experience in the industry, I've worn many hats including (but not limited to) that of a Sys Admin, a people manager, a technical writer etc.

Tl;Dr: I love what I do since it gives me the opportunity to interact learn from some of the greatest folks in industry and takes me to some interesting places.

At the Cliffs of Moher

I'm also a huge art & cultural studies nerd and can be found with my nose in a book, when I'm not working.

Fetus Divya at the Bodleian Library

Here's a slightly more professional photo of me.