I’m available for consulting opportunities. My areas of expertise are:

  • Developer relations programs: As a member of the premier AWS Community Builder cohort, a CNCF ambassador, and an advisor to Avesha, I have a breadth of experience in technical community building, advocacy, developer experience, and marketing. If you need assistance, in an advisorial capacity, with strategizing your outreach or building out a DevRel program from scratch, please don't hesitate to reach out.
  • Middleware systems design and administration: I spent 8+ years of my career building and supporting large scale systems atop proprietary and free middleware software for MNCs. Capacity planning, scaling, and firefighting have been recurrent themes not only in the systems domain, but also during the time I assumed a managerial role.
  • Technical documentation strategy: I have worked with CERN to revamp the documentation for Rucio, a data management system powering the LHC. As a former technical writer with SUSE and a documentation maintainer of the Kubernetes project, I've worked on the overhaul & day-to-day maintenance of project documentation. If you need advice on tech docs strategy, please drop me a line.